The Broadview Hotel


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The Broadview Hotel

Nadine Tchepannou

August 2019

Really liked the rooftop. It gets super windy in the fall but nice view. We sat inside but still liked the atmosphere. The waiter was super nice. Dont go there if u are hungry. Its better for afterwork or to grab a drink. The food was ok. Fries were good but the ribs were spicy and salty. Which I didnt expect. But overall I liked this spot.

The Broadview Hotel

Matt Riker

August 2019

A review of the "bistro and bar" at The Broadview Hotel. It's absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, that's the only kind thing I can say.We had brunch, which was surprisingly tasteless. My tomato soup was cold, acidic, and unseasoned. My grilled cheese with bacon had absolutely *no* bacon. The food was uninspired. We had to ask for salt and pepper to add some -- any -- flavour.After waiting nearly 30 minutes for our bill at the end of the meal, I finally had to go to the bar to ask for one. We were seated so close to the serving station that I was literally bumping elbows with staff.

The Broadview Hotel

Anna Maria

August 2019

Didn't stay in the hotel however we do frequent The Bistro often for lunch. Beautiful atmosphere very light and fresh. Food is good for the price point, servings could be larger. Overall it is a lovely place for a business lunch.

The Broadview Hotel

C Dean

August 2019

Horrible service! Arrived to have a drink and snack and take on the view...... We went to the top floor were greeted and dumped off at a table. I asked to be moved to another one out of the sun. No problem. (There were two tables behind us) We waited to be moved, nope one table gone, the next table gone. I asked again, no problem. Waited nothing,,,two new table receive water and a what can i get you. My wife and i still sitting in the sun (15 mins gone by) no water no waiter nothing. I get up and say thanks for the great service. Oh my sorry um um -- what ever, i guess we did not look like we had enough money..Never going back to this nose in the air establishment. Better service when it was Jilly's.

The Broadview Hotel

jeff denham

July 2019

Update: I recently was back here for drinks and the service was amazing.Great building. Obvious that the biz is trying many things and trying real hard. I've been a few times now and I suspect that management is cutting corners on hiring servers that match up with the rest of the amazing building. Or maybe I just had bad luck? The building and decor is stunning. The food is okay. The service is not great. Overall, I have left feeling mad about how much the bill was...

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