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Robert Ridderstap

August 2019

Absolutely fantastic place! Great parties and thanks to Christian for throwing them!

Alexandra Husslage

June 2019

Went to see the incredible Waxlimbs perform here last night and the venue was lovely! Perfect place to see some lovely art and then get to enjoy a terrific performance. The bartender was also wicked friendly

Sanjeev Kumar

June 2019

If I correctly remember then this gallery opened in 2017 as it opened when I lived in Little Italy neighborhood. I have been here few times and this place always surprises me some art form that I haven't seen before. There is no entry fee which I like.

Erin Pim

May 2019

SWG is an impressive space in a great location. I held my show Bed Post there monthly for a year, and had a very good experience. My only suggestion to a potential renter for a show requiring tech, is to confirm whether or not they will have a house technician that night (of if you need to hire one). Otherwise, had an awesome time at SWG!

Ana Gonzalez

May 2019

I loved the exhibition but the event had also a conference and the guy who was in charge was interrupting the speaker. The sound didn't work so well and all the time the disco lights where on while the conference was going on, what was very distracting. Also, for an inauguration day, there were not goodies and you have to pay for entrance. It looked very amateurish for an art gallery, but the paintings were really good. At least they have good taste.

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Many guests commented on how great the Super Wonder Gallery space was. Large yet warm. They took good care of us. We will use them again.

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