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Design Exchange

Colton Stang

August 2019

Really classy place to hold an event. However the AV isn't all there and the sound could be better.

Design Exchange

Carmen N

June 2019

There was construction in the area so it was hard to find the place. I attended this location for a wedding. There were a few staff that served food with their bare hands and fingers, one of which had long fake nails on, which was a bit awkward. The venue was neat and clean.

Design Exchange

Mark Rea

June 2019

Interesting installations. The old trading floor is really something to see.

Design Exchange

Jeff Good

April 2019

Imbued with history, great high ceilings, and a central location, this is a fabulous location. The only concerns I have are ones that are hard to address: it can be hard to find if you don't know where it is, and the entrance can be congested and busy. But once you're there and inside, it's great!!

Design Exchange

Josh Reboks

April 2019

Catering, job opportunities, getting to see what others in my field and at my level are doing, all great things.However, the catering was fairly meager (fair because it's mostly voluntary). And the biggest problem was the decision to blast music over the event. Normally that's great with big events, but not at an event where dozens of teams are trying to make their game sounds, music, and pitches heard by players and potential employers. The hot, stuffy, deafeningly loud environment was also perfect to give me an 11 hour migraine without a chance to relax.

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The Boardroom (William and Nona Heaslip Meeting Place)



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